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Grafica e comunicazione

Time to time (Christmas)

Gratuity, a gift on command... 
on this day, during this hour, 
the family, all gathered together... 
on this day, during this hour;
all better people, more friendly... 
on this day, during this hour.

If we think about it, without the conditioning of custom, all this is... ridiculous. "A holiday on command," my grandmother used to say. Exactly: comanded.

I want to be free and to donate (at least a little bit)... 
every day, always; 
I would like to be a family with the people I love... 
every day, always;
I would like to be a bit of a better person, more friendly... 
every day, always.

I would do it spontaneously, and certainly not on command (regardless of who is commanding), "within the limits of possibility of my nature to compromise, however, convicted of human imperfection, marked by the clumsiness of a man, by continual failures and omens of nemesis (as already written elsewhere).”

I want to clarify to avoid any misunderstanding of indifference and relativism: the anniversary of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth is sacrosanct, I dare not discuss it at all. But to have it be related to those "practical" things on our lives in that very day (and nothing else), I find it petty (without awarenedd) or pretentious (based on consumerism).

The birth of Jesus should perhaps make us reflect on the closeness of the divine on earth that instills faith; as well as his resurrection should make us reflect on how close we are to the heavenly land. And if faith has touched us so far, the "new birth" should still make us think of life as a possible new beginning, with potential every day, at all ages, forever.

This talk of the "new birth" is not just a little phrase intended to be cool. No, it is the fruit of the lesson I learned recently, like a blow to the head, from the children, parents, doctors and nurses of the Pediatric Hospice of Padua. As a supporter of the “Il Gusto per la Ricerca” foundation, I came into contact with this extraordinary structure, the only one of its kind in Italy, where despite thousands of difficulties and hardship, people take care of children with so-called “terminal” diseases and their families, paying particular attention to their quality of life. The “quality of life” of the so-called “terminal,” and for more children, is treated every day as the most valuable asset. It is an experience capable of "undermining our very notion of time" (Max Alajmo). An experience that can transform unconscious perception of each new day; no longer intended as a space to “be filled,” but as a true gift, a true new beginning (potentially infinite if lived fully).

I wish that all of you who had the goodness to read my words so far - but also to those who did not - especially in these difficult times for those who continue to trust in us, or our customers, a true Christmas, every day, always.

17/12/2012 Filippo Maglione